MN3353 Operations Management

This course is about the fundamentals of managing manufacturing and service operations and about how DoD managers can effectively design and control operational processes. Helping students understand the concepts and techniques necessary for attaining a world-class performance in manufacturing and service operations is the main learning objective of this course. Analyzing and continuously improving enterprise-wide processes is critically important for achieving such a performance and hence the course will adopt a "process management" viewpoint while addressing a variety of operational and strategic issues. The course begins by introducing the operations function and its "mission" in terms of cost, quality, speed, service, and flexibility. Several exercises and cases are used here to illustrate the concepts fundamental to process analysis, including capacity, bottleneck, cycle time, and inventory, and their implications to cost management. The book by Goldratt, The Goal, is also discussed to provide a real-world context to the variety of issues addressed in the course, and to introduce the Theory of Constraints (TOC). At this point the course will cover the topics of capacity planning, inventory management, MRP/ERP and project management. The course will end with an introduction to supply chain management, a topic integrating a number of concepts covered earlier in the course. Developed for Cost Management Certificate Program.



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