MN3040 Data Management and Statistics for Manpower Analysis

MN3040 introduces students to basic concepts and procedures in descriptive and inferential statistics and prepares them for subsequent statistical courses in Multivariate Data Analysis (MN4110 and MN4111), Applied Manpower modeling (MN4761), and beyond. This course bridges the gap between theoretical concepts and applied work in statistics in the context of answering manpower related policy questions. Topics include methods for deriving, describing and summarizing single-variable statistics followed by measures to analyze the relationship between two or more variables. The course then introduces probability theory as a background for understanding inferential statistics. Finally, methods are presented for drawing inferences from research samples to populations, including hypothesis testing and confidence intervals. A significant portion of the course will also be devoted to data collection, data manipulation, and data analysis using the statistical program Stata and utilizing data sets from PRIDE, DMDC, and MEPCOM. Prerequisites: None.

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  • Fall
  • As Required