ME3240 Marine Power and Propulsion

This course provides an introduction to the basic principles of power and propulsion systems, with an emphasis on performance of platforms and weapons for naval applications. The laws of thermodynamics and fluid mechanics are applied to analyze and design of components and systems. The thermodynamics of simple gas and vapor cycles are presented, including the Otto, Diesel, Brayton and Rankine cycles, and complex and combined cycles with intercooling, reheat, regeneration and combined cycles. The aerothermodynamics of compressors, combustors, turbines, heat exchangers, inlets and nozzles are presented along with preliminary design methods, such as meanline design of turbomachinery. Component matching and engine operation of simple gas generators is treated. Mechanical and structural design aspects of engine development are presented. Propeller characteristics and propulsion/vehicle integration are presented. This course includes laboratories on gas turbines, diesels and turbomachinery.


ME2101, ME3201, ME3521, (ME3201 and ME3521 may be taken concurrently)

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  • As Required