IS4550 Internet Appliances and ME Centric Computing

In the next decade, computing as we know it will be radically transformed around highly personalized devices that know their users, know how to get work done, and can interact with billions of devices and services over the Internet. Computing empires built up on traditional OSI 7-level stacks will lose their preeminence. In the emerging new world of Internet appliances, the center of the universe will become the individual, and products will be built around knowledge of how to serve that user. Billions more people will gain access to computing power this way, and our daily experience will shift from endless efforts to tame incomprehensible software products to being masters of a universe of appliances and services that aim to please. This transition is inevitable, because hyper-complex technology isn't welcomed or assimilated fast enough, and pressures exist to find better paths to market. The clear path for powerful technology is to reach many more customers through a radical simplification of what customers must do to employ it. This revolution is underway now, and it will fundamentally alter the landscape for IT, IT management, and strategic uses of technology. The course will look into various technologies including personalization, web services, wireless communications, Internet (including IP v. 6), and identity services that are driving the changes. Student projects will create Me-Centric innovations pertinent to their domains of interest. Prerequisites: None.

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  • Winter