IS4505 Tactical and Wireless Networking

The course provides students with an analytical background and hands-on experience in tactical and wireless networking. It is based on lessons learned during experimental studies of tactical sensor-unmanned systems-decision maker networks. The course also develops a good theoretical foundation for addressing the challenges of emerging networking systems transfer to the evolving surface, land, aerial, and space tactical environments. The hands-on studies are based on the unique NPS Tactical Networking Testbed, which is comprised of major experimentation clusters in Camp Roberts, SF Bay, Monterey Bay, the Baltics, and the Mediterranean. This course provides students with wireless networking fundamentals essential to design, install administer and support IEEE 802.11 compliant wireless networks. The course content and format is aligned with the Planet3 Wireless Certified Wireless Network Administrator (CWNA) Official Study Guide. Students who successfully complete this course will be prepared to take the CWNA certification exam.


IS3502, EO3502, CS3502, or consent of instructor.

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  • As Required