IS4210 Knowledge Superiority

This elective course on knowledge superiority integrates theory with practice to help prepare current and future leaders to leverage knowledge and knowing for competitive advantage in learning organizations. Knowing refers to knowledge in action, and is concerned with activities (e.g., decision, behaviors, work) in the organization. Using emerging knowledge-flow theory as its intellectual base, the theoretical part of the course helps professionals understand how knowledge is both critical and unique, and equips them to design effective work processes, organizations and technologies around knowledge flows. Using real-time cases for group critique, the problem-based learning part of the course examines a diverse set of knowledge-based processes and organizations in operation today, and offers both principles for and experience in identifying strengths and weaknesses. Students also select new or operational knowledge-based processes for evaluation, and work individually as consultants to assess and redesign them around on knowledge flows. This course may be offered as an online course. You can view more details at the NPS web site.


IS3210 or equivalent (with instructor permission)

Lecture Hours


Lab Hours


Quarter Offered

  • Fall
  • As Required