IS4205 Big Data Management, Architecture, and Applications

This course is designed to provide students with a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of Big Data management, architecture, and applications. It begins by describing what is Big Data, its importance to DoD/DoN, and the need for a Big Data platform for facilitating scalable management and processing of vast quantities of data. The course then describes the architecture of a Big Data platform at both the hardware and system software level. This is followed by describing an end-to-end application architecture required to realize a big data solution. The remainder of the course focuses on learning how to perform critical analyses and visualizations with emphasis on Big Data problems faced by DoD/DoN. The course concludes with an overview of Big Data non-functional requirements and deployment issues as well as a presentation of Big Data case studies. Labs are used throughout the course to reinforce the concepts presented.


IS3200, IS3201

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  • Winter