GB4554 Defense Resources Management Part 1

The DRMI offers a two-part executive level course on defense resources management that provides the foundation with which to increase defense performance and affordability. This is part one of the course and focuses on the theories, tools, concepts, and practical application of economic, efficient and effective allocation and use of scarce defense resources in today's complex and uncertain security environment. Students become familiar with the planning, programming and budgeting system (PPBS) and learn analytical frameworks drawn from economics, operations research, management, and other related disciplines that allow them to analyze alternatives and to frame tradeoffs involving the allocation of financial, logistic and human resources.


In addition to providing the course for DRMI credit, students in the DDM Graduate Certificate in Financial Management program may take the two-part course for credit to satisfy one of three required courses.


GB3051 or GB3056 or comparative professional experience.

Lecture Hours


Lab Hours


Quarter Offered

  • As Required


  1. To develop a broad-based analytical framework for defense decision makers emphasizing the economic and efficient allocation of scarce defense resources to competing mission areas.
  2. To provide an environment for the comparative exchange of ideas on defense resources management.
  3. To provide the foundation for decision analysis in defense, specifically focusing on models, uncertainty, and risk.