GB4480 Supply Chain Management I

This course is designed to provide a broad discussion about the various issues impacting the supply chain of organizations. A supply chain is a network of organizations that supply and transform materials, and distribute final products to customers. Supply chain management (SCM) is a broadly defined term for the analysis and improvement of flows of material, information, and money through this network of suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, and customers. The objective of SCM is to deliver the right product to the right customer at the right time. SCM emphasizes inventory-service level tradeoffs across the chain of players that together provide the product to a customer. Many companies and/or divisions have added Supply Chain Analyst positions that frequently report to high-level managers. Ultimately, logistics and SCM activities are concerned with coordinating demand and supply. Common elements in that coordination are the management of materials (inventories), the location of materials (warehouses), and the movement of materials (transportation). As part of the coordination, an analyst must consider product and process designs as well as information flows between various players in the network. These elements will form the basis of this course. We will review some elements of basic theory and consider applications of the theory in cases that span operational and strategic concerns.


GB3042 or OA3501

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