GB4450 Logistics Strategy

This is the logistics capstone course. The course explores and analyzes the concepts, processes and methods of strategic planning and execution emphasizing aggressive proactive techniques to ensure maximum logistics influence on major weapon systems acquisition as well as optimum life-cycle management of fielded systems. Cultural constraints of the current logistics environment and how to succeed in it is a significant focus of the course. The course examines and analyzes key opportunities for maximum logistics influence in requirements, development, contracting, test and evaluation, reliability and maintainability as well as financial management and communications. The course features logistics management relevance to service roles and missions. The course employs lectures, guided discussions, case studies, role-playing, panel discussions, and lessons learned in the DoD acquisition environment. For the final examination project, the class is divided into teams and produces a comprehensive strategic plan for logistics for a fictitious major program.


GB4410 or permission from the instructor

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