GB3031 Acquisition Management for International Students

This is the MBA core acquisition course for MBA international students in non-acquisition curricula. It introduces principles of public procurement management by examining acquisition policy issues, management strategies, contracting decisions, and contract management processes. Major international procurement models and systems will be introduced, including the US Federal Acquisition Regulation, Transparency International's Integrity Pacts, the UN Model Law on Procurement, the EU Public and Defense Procurement Directives, the World Bank Procurement and Integrity Guidelines, and the World Trade Organization Agreement on Government Procurement. Concepts, strategies and tools for planning, organizing, staffing, directing and controlling acquisition programs are examined. Acquisition topical areas include: anti-corruption measures, acquisition planning, the competition requirements, source selection, risk management, quality assurance, protests, transparency and publicity mechanisms, research and development, and contracting management. While the US defense acquisition system may be examined for comparative purposes, the major emphasis through case studies and readings is on international perspectives and issues. Another major emphasis of the course is on Foreign Military Sales (FMS) and the application of international procurement law concepts to the FMS process. Prerequisite: None.

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