EC4755 Network Traffic, Activity Detection, and Tracking

Network traffic characterization, traffic engineering/management and detection and tracking of traffic anomalies are covered with a focus on statistical and information theoretic concepts, signal processing, and control theory. Network (cyber) traffic is characterized based on statistical and information theoretic approaches such as self similarity and information entropy. Traffic flows and traffic flow analysis are presented; multimedia nature of network traffic discussed. Traffic engineering techniques of congestion control, traffic redirection, and admission control are examined utilizing network flows and queue management and analysis. Detection theory is introduced. Detection of threat activity based on traffic anomalies is examined. Neyman-Peason criterion and the receiver operating characteristic are presented. Traffic flow analysis for activity tracking is discussed. Case studies of local area networks, the Internet, sensor networks, and wireless networks including the 4G systems are conducted. Laboratories will provide hands-on experience and introduce tools of traffic characterization, detection, monitoring, and tracing.


EC3730, EC3500

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  • Spring