EC4685 Principles of Electronic Warfare

This course covers a comprehensive treatment of the signaling principles of electronic warfare (EW). The objective of this course is to cover the fundamental concepts and effects of electronic attack (EA), electronic support (ES), and electronic protection (EP). This course mainly deals with electronic signaling techniques in the electromagnetic (EM) spectrum specially in the radio frequency and microwave domains especially in terms of radar and communications signaling. Basic radar and communications concepts will be reviewed. EA covers various techniques such as traditional noise jamming and advance techniques such as coherent types of jammers. EP signal processing techniques such as anti-jam, low probability of intercept, and direction finding are discussed in detail. ES techniques such as spectrum awareness, electronic intelligence (ELINT), and signal intelligence (SIGINT) are also presented. Unlike most EW discourses, which simply discuss system qualitative effects of EW, concrete quantitative performance measures are presented. The class only briefly touches on passive techniques, e.g. chaff and radar corner reflector deployment, and destructive attacks and/or asset protection with missiles. There will be hardware and software laboratory activities. A project may be assigned.


EC3615 and EC2500, or instructor’s consent

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  • Spring