EC2410 Analysis of Signals and Systems

Analysis of digital and analog signals in the frequency domain; properties and applications of the discrete Fourier transform, the Fourier series, and the continuous Fourier transform; analysis of continuous systems using convolution and frequency domain methods; applications to sampling, windowing, and amplitude modulation and demodulation systems.


MA1113 & ability to program in MATLAB or consent of instructor.

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  • As Required


  1. Determine the effects of sampling a continuous-time signal and compute the power and energy of a continuous-time and/or discrete-time signal.
  2. Evaluate the expected continuous-time expression for a signal by using the spectrum information of the discretized signal.
  3. Compute the response of a LTI system by convolution and the response of a LTI system to a cosine signal excitation.
  4. Characterize a LTI system in terms of its frequency response.
  5. Compute the response of a LTI system by using FT properties and the Discrete Fourier Transform of a discrete time signal.
  6. Analyze the contents of a basic discrete time signal from its frequency information.