DA4610 Dynamic Network Analysis

This course builds on DA4600 (Dark Networks) by offering additional substantive and methodological tools for analyzing relational networks. The course is pragmatically oriented in that it pays particular attention to issues concerning the collection and preparation of relational data in software programs such as Palantir, Analysts Notebook, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Access and moving to traditional social network analysis tools such as UCINET, Pajek and ORA (Organizational Risk Analyzer). This course will also explore what is being called dynamic network analysis where users not only examine the effects of actual ties (e.g., friendship, kinship) but also "virtual" ties (e.g., shared ideology, skills, knowledge, etc.) Finally, the course will introduce students to techniques using social network data (regression) and geospatial data (geospatial statistics) that will help students tease out which variables (e.g., centrality, education level) are causally related from those that are not.


DA4600 and permission from the instructor

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