DA4481 System Dynamics Modeling for Planning and Design

This course will teach the basic concepts of system dynamics and modeling/simulation of dynamic systems. Real world applications and military case studies will be used to illustrate the value of system dynamics and students will be given the opportunity to model various real world problems of particular interest for the DoD/DoN .

Cross Listed Courses

Same as SE4481



Lecture Hours


Lab Hours


Quarter Offered

  • Winter
  • Summer
  • As Required

Statement Of Course Objectives

Provide students an understanding of the complexity of the operational environment in which they, their customers, and their competitors, operate and to offer another tool for concept development and functional analysis.  Learn basic concepts of positive (reinforcing) and negative (balancing) feedback loops, delays, and system structures that contribute to potentially complex behavioral outcomes in dynamic systems.

Identify system boundaries, endogenous and exogenous impacts, identification and implementation of feedback loops, time horizons, and an appreciation of the delays and time frames required to provide a sufficient understanding of relationships within and between dynamic systems.

Enable students to design a simple system dynamics model that could be used in a specific systems engineering or planning context (concept development, acquisition, supply chain logistics, life cycle analysis, etc.).  The objective is to enhance the ability of decision makers to make sense of a complex systems engineering problem and environment.