DA4301 Fighting Undeclared Wars: American Approaches

FIGHTING UNDECLARED WARS: AMERICAN APPROACHES examines the aspects of American culture that affect the United States' ability to conduct special operations and engage in undeclared wars. By understanding American strategic culture, both U.S. and allied students should be able to plan more effective operations. The course builds on a historical review, from pre-Revolutionary wars and the Constitutional basis of the Armed Forces, through the undeclared wars and warfighting theories of the 19th and 20th centuries, including recent special operations. From the historical studies, the students consider aspects of modern warfighting, including strategy formulation, civil-military affairs, use of force, covert action and policymaking. This course exposes U. S. and allied students to "FIGHTING UNDECLARED WARS," and also reveals the political, societal, economic, military and intellectual underpinnings of undeclared wars as a tool of United States national security and policy. Prerequisites: None.

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