DA4110 Culture and Influence

This seminar aims to provide analytical tools for thinking about culture and the ways in which interacting with different cultures affects U.S. actions abroad, including military operations, democratization, economic development and foreign relations. The first section of the course offers a theoretical overview of academic debates about culture, drawing on literature from the fields of anthropology, political science, and economics. It includes topics such as the role of ethnicity, nationalism and identity in politics, efforts to democratize, economically develop and nation-build in other countries, and the possibility of a current global "clash of civilizations" in international affairs. The second section of the course aims to use first-hand experiences of students' interactions with various cultures - especially Iraq and Afghanistan - as case studies to apply and test the theoretical debates on culture presented in the first section of the class. Prerequisite: S03101 and must have completed at least one full quarter of classes.



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