DA3610 Visual Analytics

Visual Analytics is the first course in the CORE Lab sequence. It addresses a common problem we all face-the collection of data at a faster rate than our ability to analyze it. The course's purpose is to introduce methods to examine and analyze massive, multidimensional, multi-source, time-varying data. It offers new tools and technology to integrate and fuse data to support the analytical process so we are better prepared to make decisions in a time-critical manner. Ultimately, the course opens the door to what some consider a new multidisciplinary field: Visual representations and interaction techniques that enable us to see, explore, and understand large amounts of information at once; Data representations and transformations that convert all massive, multidimensional, multi-source, and time varying information in ways that support visualization and analysis; Analytical reasoning techniques that enable us to obtain deep insights that directly support assessment, planning, and decision making; Techniques that support the production, presentation, and dissemination of analytical results and the communication of information to a variety of audiences (Thomas and Cook, 2005:4). Prerequisites: None.

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