DA3302 Navigating Innovation Ecosystems

The older institutions of military innovation are being outpaced by rapid technological change and the increasing importance of non-traditional actors and communities. This course is designed to prepare students for understanding, navigating, and successfully leveraging the ecosystems relevant for innovation. The content of the course is designed to (a) map the most current innovation landscape, (b) prepare students to understand the varying incentive structures, cultures, and norms across the landscape, and (c) provide the intellectual tools for successfully traversing this space. Offered as required.         

Lecture Hours


Quarter Offered

  • As Required


  1. This course is aimed at familiarizing students with relevant entities in both the United States Government (USG) and civilian innovation spaces.
  2. Students will learn and critically examine the concepts, strategies, and pathologies surrounding innovation and disruptive change.
  3. Students will leave the course empowered to understand and leverage an array of innovation ecosystems characterized by varying cultures, incentives, and norms of behavior.