DA3301 Principles of Strategic Design

Military and security affairs are profoundly shaped by the design choices made regarding what types and which specific weapons, transport, and information systems to develop and sustain.  Their alignment with the appropriate organizational designs and doctrinal concepts of operations is an essential element in the innovation process so critical to maintaining and improving military effectiveness.  This course surveys principles of design, as practiced by commercial and industrial enterprises and in their military historical context, and examines how strategic design can be applied to current and future innovation and force modernization initiatives. Offered as required.

Lecture Hours


Lab Hours


Quarter Offered

  • As Required


  1. Students will absorb an overview of design concepts and processes, with emphasis on their potential applicability to military and security affairs.
  2. Students will achieve an appreciation of the challenges armed services face in their efforts to identify and employ design solutions.
  3. Students will be empowered to use design in shaping and executing their own capstone/thesis projects.