CY4000 Cyberspace and Military Operations

The cyber domain is one of force and action, and their far-reaching implications. This course is an introduction to the big ideas and constructs of cyberspace, and how military operations are conducted in and through it. Using the context of great power competition as a backdrop, students will be introduced to the cyber enterprise, technologies that undergird cyberspace, cyberspace as a domain of operation, and how military operations in the cyber domain affect strategy, power, and policy.


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  • As Required


  1. Explain what is meant by cyberspace operations and describe the relationship between cyberspace operations and military operations in other domains.
  2. Appreciate the technologies that underpin military (and civilian) utilization of cyberspace.
  3. Understand vulnerabilities associated with cyberspace, and the methods by which these vulnerabilities can be mitigated or exploited.
  4. Appreciate the strategic policy implications of cyberspace, the development of cyber policies, and the relationship between public and private sector cyber stakeholders.