AE3818 Spacecraft Attitude, Determination, and Control

Spacecraft attitude linear control: linearized attitude control, three-axis stabilized spacecraft. Non-linear attitude control design: minimum-time slewing maneuver, quaternion feedback. Actuators for attitude control: Thrusters, Reaction Wheels, Control Moment Gyroscopes, Magnetotorquers, and related topics (thrust modulation and mapping, CMG steering laws and singularities, momentum dumping). Sensors for attitude and rate determination: star sensors, horizon sensor, sun sensor, gyroscopes. Attitude determination methods: deterministic approach (Triad algorithm), statistic approach (Wabha problem), stochastic approach (Multiplicative Extended Kalman Filter). During the two hours per week of laboratory as well as the homework's the students build up sequentially a full software simulator of spacecraft attitude determination and control to be used in subsequent classes. At least one of the laboratory includes the utilization of a hardware-in-the-loop spacecraft simulator. 


ME2801 or EC2300, AE3815 or equivalent.

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  • Fall
  • As Required