Nonresident Education Opportunities (Distance Learning)

Nonresident Education Opportunities (Distance Learning)

While courses are available to students in Monterey at its main campus, NPS Distance Learning (DL) enables students to earn certificates or degrees at locations across the nation or around the globe.

  • Mission-funded seats are available to eligible active duty naval officers (USN & USMC). Additional course fees may be required.
  • All Military and DoD/government civilians are eligible to enroll in NPS Distance Learning programs.
  • Select DoD Contractors are also eligible for enrollment in programs related to systems engineering and defense product development.
  • Research associated with graduate studies may also include classified work.
  • Although program length and costs vary, certificate programs are typically four courses (three to four credit hours each) while Master's degrees typically run 12 to 16 courses.

More information on tuition and admissions requirements for the NPS Distance Learning programs can be found at

Air Force Institute of Technology—Distance Learning

The Air Force Institute of Technology (AFIT), located at Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio, is the Air Force's graduate school of engineering and management as well as its institution for technical professional continuing education. AFIT is developing distance learning programs for government students who cannot enroll in one of AFIT's resident programs. Detailed information about AFIT's nonresident programs can be found at

The Naval Postgraduate School maintains a Strategic Alliance with the Air Force Institute of Technology. A memorandum of agreement between the Secretary of the Navy and the Secretary of the Air Force forms this alliance to ensure the two institutions continuously work together to meet the educational needs of the Armed Forces of the United States. NPS and AFIT will continue to reflect the heritage and character of their respective services, meeting Joint and service-unique needs, minimizing unnecessary redundancy, maintaining quality and realizing efficiencies and economies of scale.