Information Systems Security Engineering (ISSE) Certificate – Curriculum 270 (RES & DL)

Program Manager

Cynthia Irvine, Ph.D.

Code CS/Ci, Glasgow East, Room 211

(831) 656-2461, DSN 756-2461

Academic Associate

Duane Davis, Ph.D.

Glasgow Hall, Room 212

(831) 656-2733, DSN 756-2733


Brief Overview

The role of Information Systems Security Engineering (ISSE) is to help ensure that the security requirements of systems are met. Lacking proper security engineering, systems fail to be certified and accredited, causing costly delays or failures. Ideally, the Information Systems Security Engineer (also known as an ISSE) will be a member of the system development team throughout its lifecycle; however, for preexisting systems, the ISSE may be required to assess existing system vulnerabilities and determine mitigating strategies.

As systems have grown more complex and adversaries continue to successfully exploit numerous vulnerabilities, the need for improved secure system engineering and the formation of a larger cadre of skilled ISSEs has become more acute. The ISSE course sequence provides the knowledge and analytical skills required to contribute productively in system developments and assist in building a larger cadre of skilled ISSEs to combat adversaries.

Requirements for Entry

  • Acceptance by the Department of Computer Science: Entrance to this Computer Science-managed curriculum at the Naval Postgraduate School is through a three-part requirement consisting of a minimum grade point average of 2.2 at the undergraduate level, a sufficient mathematics background, and a sufficient background in technical undergraduate studies. Undergraduate degrees in computer science, applied science or engineering are highly desirable.
  • Command/Company endorsement.


Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer

Program Length

12 months



Academic Certificate Requirements

The academic certificate program must be completed within three years of admission to the program. A student must maintain a 3.0 GQPR in the certificate courses to be awarded a certificate.

Required Courses

Course NumberTitleCreditsLecture HoursLab Hours
CS3690Network Security



CS4600Secure System Principles



CS4650Fundamentals of Information Systems Security Engineering



CS4652Applied Information Systems Security Engineering