MV4502 Simulation Development Practicum

This course provides the students the opportunity to work directly with a full scale, deployed combat simulation. This class has two main objectives. The first is to gain a deeper understanding of the inner structure of modern combat simulation systems. This goes beyond just looking at conceptual descriptions of the components to looking at the implementation intricacies that make such systems work. The second is as a practicum to provide students experience with all of the processes involved in the development of simulation software. This includes requirements definition, test and evaluation and software design and implementation. The intent is to have the students gain hands on experience in all aspects of these processes. By looking at a deployed system that is being used by the Marine Corps and Army, the students will develop an appreciation for the issues that are encountered in the real world that are often masked in purely pedagogical examples.


MV4025, MV3302

Lecture Hours


Lab Hours


Statement Of Course Objectives


Course Learning Outcomes

·       Students will be able to apply the simulation development process to achieve operational software capabilities that address a specified user need.

·       Students will be able to evaluate and critique other developers’ application of the simulation development process.

·       Students will be able to identify issues and trade-offs critical to successful implementation of required simulation capabilities.

·       Students will be able to analyze the inner structure of modern combat simulation systems to recognize design and implementation decisions made by the simulation developers.

·       Students will demonstrate personal initiative and teamwork skills.