IS3720 Identity Management Policy

The goals for the Identity Management Policy Course are to provide the student with the necessary ways to think about the creation or implementation of Identity Management policies. The focus is to provide students with a background on the approaches to the verification of personal identity and the implications in a digital environment. As individuals become more conscious of the collection of data regarding their actions, the student must understand the implications of privacy in this changing environment. There will be a strong, case-based focus on the laws, ethics, and moral implications of the collection, analysis, storage, and dissemination of personal data so that the student can prudently apply the appropriate policy. Additionally, the policies and procedures for the provisioning, propagating, maintaining, and removal of personally identifiable information will be discussed. The student will be required to develop a case study for a scenario that will address the policy implications and create a solution to meet the operational requirements. Prerequisite: None.

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