CY4410 Cyber Policy and Strategy

This course explores the emerging strategies, policies and doctrine associated with cyber operations and military operations affected by cyberspace. The student will review the latest guidance provided by the US government at the national, interagency, DOD, and naval levels and relate these materials to the national strategy of the US. Special emphasis is provided for the products of US Cyber Command and Fleet Cyber Command/Tenth Fleet. These materials are compared to the emerging strategies and doctrine of other countries.


DA3105, CY3000, or Consent of the Instructor

Lecture Hours


Lab Hours


Security Clearance Required

  • Top Secret SCI

Course Learning Outcomes

Through this course students will obtain broad and detailed knowledge of the primary issues of U.S. strategy and policy-making on cyber security.  Specifically, this includes abilities to:

  • Describe the unique technological features of cyber capabilities bearing on the development of strategy and policy for the U.S. and other governments.
  • Identify the preeminent U.S. cyber adversaries and the primary cyber threats to U.S. sovereignty and national security.
  • Describe interactive mechanisms between cyber capabilities and material (kinetic) war-fighting domains, in terms of both security challenges and response options. 
  • Develop analytical lessons from specific historical cyber conflict episodes.
  • Incorporate the preceding abilities into evaluations of current and future U.S. and global cyber policy challenges.