CS4000 Harnessing Artificial Intelligence

An introduction for non-CS-majors to the structure of the AI field and the kinds of hardware-software systems available to perform classification, data mining, decision support, discovery, speech understanding, vision, inference, and deduction.  Students will be exposed to the major areas of concern, research, and application of AI, including the history and foundations, the kinds of learning machines, the critical domains of AI application, and the directions in which the field is advancing.



Lecture Hours


Lab Hours


Course Learning Outcomes

  • To understand the nature and history of AI systems.
  • To understand the kinds of AI systems that exist, their military applications, their strengths, their vulnerabilities, their strategic value, and their risks.
  • To understand the four bedrock principles of AI in the military and apply them to AI projects.
  • To think critically about AI, distinguishing hype from reality.