CS3331 Basics of Applied Artificial Intelligence

Basics of artificial-intelligence concepts illustrated with military examples.  Topics include knowledge representation, logical reasoning, probabilistic reasoning, heuristic search, agent-based systems, and social artificial intelligence.  The course is designed for students who are not computer-science majors.



Lecture Hours


Lab Hours


Course Learning Outcomes

  • Students can define and recognize key artificial-intelligence concepts in knowledge representation, logical reasoning, probabilistic reasoning, neural networks, heuristic search, and agent-based systems.
  • Students can recommend appropriate artificial-intelligence techniques for key applications including advisory systems, planning systems, natural-language understanding, computer vision, and sensor systems.
  • Students can decide when the use of artificial intelligence techniques is appropriate at all.
  • Students can formulate approaches to solving specific problems using artificial intelligence.
  • Students can use simple artificial-intelligence tools on data and get useful results.