7.6.2 Application for an Internal Dual Degree Program

(Amended September 20, 1995) (Amended January 17, 2007) (Amended June 12, 2013) (Amended November 16, 2016) (Amended November 17, 2021)

A student desiring admission in an internal dual NPS degree program must apply at least one year prior to their projected graduation date, but not before having completed a minimum of 12 hours of graduate course work in their assigned program. Students within one year of graduation are not eligible to apply for enrollment in internal dual degree programs.

The application endorsements must represent approval from all involved academic units:

  1. Chairs;
  2. Academic Associates;
  3. Service Representative or International Programs Office as applicable;
  4. Program Officers.

Endorsement by the academic unit Chairs will signify that the applicant meets any and all additional requirements for dual master's degrees that have been established by the respective academic units. The application must also include:

  1. The approved degree requirements for each program.
  2. A listing of courses and course hours for each program.
  3. A single course matrix, graphically depicting all courses necessary for each degree program and showing that the program will not exceed quarterly credit hour limits per §6.5 Course Enrollment Limitations. Quarters where enrollment limitation waivers are requested must be highlighted.
  4. Requests for enrollment waivers (if necessary).