SS3740 Nuclear Command, Control, and Communications Systems - Part I

Same as AE3740. This course is the first of two courses that introduce nuclear command & control concepts as well as a comprehensive, technical view of the US Nuclear Command & Control & Communications (NC3) system. The first course will concentrate on deterrence theory, command & control theory and history behind the US NC3 system, as well as an introduction to NC3 support space systems.

Students will study international as well as domestic law & policy guidance in relation to nuclear weapon employment and proliferation. Nuclear close calls will be analyzed to identify failures in systems & procedures that must be avoided in the future. Students will study the state of nuclear weapons worldwide and understand the US strategy to counter the various nuclear threats. Students will begin a comprehensive study of the US NC3 system, which will continue in the second course.

Cross Listed Courses

Same as AE3740


SS3011 (or experience with orbital mechanics), SS3613 (or experience with satellite communications and link budgets)

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Quarter Offered

  • As Required