Chapter 1: Purpose of this Document

(Approved April 1993) (Amended October 27, 2004)

The items listed below comprise the material appropriate for this document:

  1. State the Purpose, Authority, and Structure of the Council: Academic Council composition, standing committees, processes for conducting Council business.
  2. State Properties of the NPS Curriculum: statement of policies concerning the modification and creation of degree and academic certificate programs, statement of policies regarding special programs, degrees with distinction, accruing credit for degrees, thesis extensions.
  3. State Policies Regarding the NPS Teaching Environment: actions and procedures followed by the registrar, grading procedures, changing the curriculum.
  4. State Policies for Conducting Council Business: procedures for leading Council meetings, responsibilities within the Council and interfacing the Council with the greater University.
  5. State Policies Concerning the Manual: provide a list for circulation of changes, procedures for altering the contents of the Manual; allocate responsibilities for accuracy of sections.

These are the only matters appropriate for inclusion in the Manual. Other matters are not to be included without the explicit revision of this section.