SS3055 Space Operations for the Warfighter

SS3055 students will apply knowledge of space systems acquired during SS3001, SS3051 and SS3613 in various scenario based exercises designed to develop skill in planning and integrating space operations during the military decision making process. The course will address how to advise commanders and staffs on the availability of space capabilities, effectively integrate space capabilities into military operations, maximize use of limited space assets and counter an adversary's use of space. The course will coordinate with various space organizations to expose students to space analysis tools such as Single Integrated Space Picture (SISP), Satellite Tool Kit (STK), Army Space Support Team – Tool Set/Space Operating System (ARSST – TS / SOS), Integrated Space Situational Awareness Application (ISSA), and other NRO toolsets (CORE and FADE/MIST).


SS3001, SS3613, and SS3051 or permission of the instructor

Lecture Hours


Lab Hours


Quarter Offered

  • Winter