Academic Profile Codes

The NPS Admissions office evaluates Master's Degree applicants based on three criteria. The result is the assignment of an Academic Profile Code (APC). This is a three-digit code, which summarizes pertinent portions of a student's prior college performance. The three independent digits reflect an individual's cumulative grade-point average (Quality Point Rating), exposure to and performance in calculus-related mathematics courses and exposure to and performance in selected science and engineering areas.

First Digit

The first digit indicates overall academic performance based on a recalculated* GPA from all previous college transcripts. The first digit is derived from the following table:

Code QPR Range
0 3.60-4.00
1 3.20-3.59
2 2.60-3.19
3 2.20-2.59
4 1.90-2.19
5 0.00 -1.89

*Failures and repeated courses are included in the GPA calculation.

Second Digit

The second digit represents mathematical background according to the following criteria:

Code Meaning
0 Math Major/Minor, Quantitative Economics Degree with B or better average; math taken less than or equal to 7 years ago.
1 Lower Level, Upper Level, Linear Algebra with a GPA of at least a 3.5; math taken less than or equal to 5 years ago.
2 Lower Level, Upper Level with average between C+ and B+; math taken less than or equal to 5 years ago. No Linear Algebra.
3 Lower Level Calculus Sequence with a C or better; or if math taken greater than 5 years ago.
4 Calculus for Business/Social Sciences with a C or better. One Lower Level Calculus course with at least a C-. Two Pre-Calculus courses with a B or better.
5 At least one pre-Calculus with C- or better grade.
6 No pertinent college-level math with a grade of C- or better.

*All math courses from calculus through post-calculus are considered when evaluating the transcripts for the second digit. A minimum calculus sequence is Calculus I and II.

Third Digit

The third digit represents previous course coverage in science and technical fields according to the following criteria:

Code Eng/Tech GPA Meaning
0 3.00 - 4.00 ABET EAC accredited, BS Eng Degree (regardless of time passed)
1 > = 2.30 Non-ABET EAC accredited, Eng Degree (regardless of time passed)
2 > = 2.30 Any BS Tech degree (regardless of time passed)
3 > = 3.00 Completed calculus-based physics sequence with a B average or above
4 > = 2.00 One calculus-based physics course with at least a C
5 < = 1.99 No pertinent technical courses.

Eng Degrees includes: Aero/Astro, Comp/Elect, Mechanical, Materials, Marine, Naval, Ocean, Systems, Industrial, Chemical, and Bioengineering and Naval Architecture. This list is not exhaustive.

Technical degree to include: Applied Physics, Engineering Physics, Physics

Eng/Tech GPA is based upon a 4.0 scale.

General Engineering and EE/ME Technology degrees are not counted as engineering degrees nor technical degrees for purposes of calculating an APC.

When calculating the APC, if the record cannot meet all the requirements to obtain Code 0 (i.e. GPA is 2.75 but all other requirements are met) the Code drops to a 1 automatically but no further.

A first digit code of 0, 1, 2 or 3 (as appropriate) will be assigned only if transcripts provided exhibit at least 75 semester-hours or 112 quarter-hours of actual graded classroom instruction. Grades of Pass/Fail, Credit/No Credit will not count toward the 75/112 hour requirement.